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WIP List Update

[Quick note re the yarn giveaway -- I'm still accepting emails and will continue to do so for about another 24 hours. The clear favorites are the JoJoLand and the Anne, so whoever ends up with those will need to have been pretty lucky. I plan to send everything out this weekend.]
Well, things have improved markedly since the last go-round of the WIP List.

Last time, I counted 22 projects.

To be sure, that was a bit padded with things that turned out to not really be projects.

But still, twenty-two. That's not a number to scoff at.

That was three months ago.

Now, I'm down to 16 projects. (Still not a number to scoff at, but I am getting closer!)

Again, in rough chronological order, starting with the OLD:

1.) Posy. No progress. Still only half-done. Started 8/06.

2.) Felted Coasters. Nearly done. I have put these through the wash many, many times. Some of them are about right. But others don't seem to be shrinking enough. Maybe I should try to do the last bit by hand? Or maybe I should give up and call them done? This project has taught me that "felting" is really not my thing. (Too bad! I sort of wanted to make a Noni bag.) Started 9/06. Update: Done!

3.) Dale of Norway Zippered Hoodie. Now maybe 1/3 done (hard to tell, because I don't have a good sense of how long the hood will take), but I still need to track down the right zipper. (Baby is due very soon!) Started 9/06.

4.) Lizard Ridge. No progress. Still 1/3 done. I miss this guy, but other projects have priority. I'm trying to be strong. Started 9/06.

5.) Crocheted Rug for the Cats. No progress. Started 10/06. UPDATE: Determined to be Not a Project.

6.) V's Scarf. Anyone remember that plan to do a pattern repeat a day? I don't! (Ha!) This remains about 1/5 done. I always forget that scarves bore me. And, yes, this is/was for Winter Gift Exchange 2006. (Which, luckily for me was postponed all the way through January and into late February.) Idea and swatching started 10/06; not actually cast on until 12/06. Update: Done!

7.) Cotton Garter Squares Blanket, probably for the Strategic Baby Handknits Reserves. (Which are nearly depleted.) Some progress. Started 10/06.

8.) Sock Yarn Leftovers Blanket. This one is never-ending, but I do consider it a real project. Maybe 1/999999999 done? Started 10/06.

9.) Elfine's Socks. 1/3 done. These got stalled because I needed Mum to try them on. Then she did. But I was already on to other things. Started 10/06. UPDATE: DONE!

And the NEW (started since the last WIP inventory list):

10.) Pink Feather and Fan Socks. 1/3 done. I was so very ashamed of starting yet another pair of socks that I didn't even show them to you at the time. Also for Mum. (Myself, I can't wear feather 'n' fan. Allergies.) Started 11/06. UPDATE: DONE!

11.) The Doctor's New Socks in Trekking. Just over 1/2 done. Started 11/06. UPDATE: DONE!

12.) Gentleman's Fancy Trekking Socks. Precisely 3/4 done. I decided that these are not for me, so of course they're getting knitted a lot slower now! Started 11/06. UPDATE: DONE!

13.) Green Superwash Weasley. 1/4 done. Started 12/06. Update: Done!

14.) 66 Dulaan Cloud Hats. 1/6 done. Started 1/07. (Yes, I realize these were started much longer ago. But the resolution to actually finish all of them is recent.)

15.) Rose Garden Hat for the Strategic Baby Handknits Reserves. Nearly done. Only have about a million ends to weave in. (Stupid flowers! Stupid leaves!) Started 1/07.

16.) Some Mason-Dixon Bibs & Burps, also for the Strategic Baby Handknits Reserves. All done except for the ends and the buttons. Started 1/07. Update: Done!

My goals for February are to finish #6, #13, #15 and #16 and to make some more progress on #14.
Of these goals, the only really important ones are #6 and #13.
If I can finish those, I'm going to reward myself by working on absolutely anything I feel like for a while. As long as it a.) doesn't require buying yarn in violation of the resolution and b.) doesn't increase the number of projects on the WIP List beyond the current 16.

* * *
How would we live without it?



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