Monday, January 22, 2007

No Way, No How

The Dale Hoodie is not going to be ready by Sunday.

I am just very slow with the stranded knitting. Everytime I try to speed up, my gauge tightens up horribly. So it is slow, slow, slow going. (The US 1.5 needles aren't helping me set any speed records, either.)

I'm fairly certain I could have knit 3 "Baby Surprise" jackets by now.

It goes so slowly that it is more than a little mind-numbing, to tell you the truth. (I think I've figured out why I stopped working on this in the first place.)

Probably I could still make it if I was going to knit all day and night.

But, a.) gotta earn a living. (Darn!)

And, b.) sleep. (Which I rather like.)

So, I have implemented Plan B: Shoes and Hat.

Even if this "Plan B" were at 20 st / 10 cm (which, I say, it is NOT), it would still go faster than the Dale.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see what you mean. That hoodie looks super tedious. You're doing a nice job, though! Have fun at the shower!


12:47 AM  

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