Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Inventory & Plan of Attack

This full accounting is less for readers of this blog than it is for me, first to remind myself to not start anything new for a while, and second to help me decide in what order to tackle things.

Anonyknits' Works-In-Progress (ordered chronologically by approximate cast-on date):

1.) Handspun socks (for Dulaan) -- nearly done. UPDATE: DONE! (1/07)

2.) Demin mitered squares blanket (for the Strategic Baby Handknits Reserves) -- stalled. When I switched from regular miters to no-sewing miters, my gauge totally changed! So either I'm making *two* demin blankets (unlikely), or I have some serious thinking to do. Maybe this project is not actually a blanket. Maybe it is something else entirely.UPDATE: I no longer consider this a "real" project.(1/07)

3.) Posy (for me!) -- half done.

4.) Claudia Handpainted socks (for me!) -- half done, but stalled due to frustration with my own stupid overconfidence. (There's a story there, which I will probably own up to later.) -- UPDATE: DONE! (11/06)

5.) Dale of Norway Zippered Hoodie (for Baby X) -- Hard to say, maybe 1/5 done?

6.) Lizard Ridge (for ?) -- 1/3 done, not including seams and border.

7.) Katia Jamaica Mitered Squares Blanket (probably for Baby X) -- only need to weave in the ends. UPDATE: DONE! (1/07)

8.) Noro Tidori Swatches-That-Might-Turn-Into-Something-Someday(Maybe-a-Blanket) (for who knows who) -- who knows how far along this project is? I don't even know what it is. UPDATE: Not a "real" project.(1/07)

9.) Striped Cloudesque Seamless Raglan, a la Elizabeth Zimmerman (hereinafter, "EZ") (for Dulaan) -- One-third done. Started the sleeves, but then set it aside when they looked too narrow in the cuff.UPDATE: Frogged in favor of Cloud Hats.(1/07)

10.) Nth Cloud Hat (for Dulaan) -- only need to weave in the ends. -- UPDATE: DONE! (11/06)

11.) Felted Coasters (for ?) -- Need to felt.

12.) Pink Baby Surpise Jacket (probably for Baby X) -- Nearly done -- just needs shoulder seams, buttons, and ends woven in. -- UPDATE: DONE! (12/06)

13.) Red and Grey Prime Rib Scarf (for Dulaan, unless the Doctor claims it) -- 1/4 done. UPDATE: DONE! (1/07)

14.) A Rug (for the cats) -- 1/6 done. But this is crochet -- maybe it doesn't belong on the list?

15.) Avery's Short-Row Hat in Noro Kureyon (for V) -- Nearly done, if only I can figure out how I want to deal with that darned seam. -- UPDATE: DONE! (12/06)

16.) Scarf to go with Short-Row Hat (also for V) -- Barely started.

17.) Cotton Garter Squares Blanket (probably for Baby J, who was supposed to get the pseudo-Prairie Blanket) -- Maybe 1/3 done? Hard to tell, since I don't know how big it will be.

18.) Cloudesque Child-sized "Adult Surprise Jacket," a la EZ (for Dulaan) -- maybe one-third done? (I've started the body increases.)UPDATE: Frogged in favor of Cloud Hats. (It was just too ugly.)(1/07)

19.) Striped Socks in Regia Strato (for the Doctor) -- was half-way done with the first sock, but it was too small. Frogged, cast-on again, now have about 2 inches of cuff done. -- UPDATE: FROGGED (11/06)

20.) Sock Yarn Leftovers (for the heck of it) -- Unlikely this one will ever be done. Will tell you all about it later.

21.) Elfine's Socks in Koigu (told myself they were for me, but I think they're actually for my Mama) -- barely started.

22.) Tweedy Ribbed Socks in Meilenweit Colortweed (definately for me!) -- half done with the first sock. -- UPDATE: DONE! (11/06)

So . . .

I think the thing to do is start with the low hanging fruit. If I just concentrated on it, I could easily finish four, maybe five, of these over the weekend.

Then there is some stuff with deadlines -- the Avery Diamonds hat & scarf, stuff for Babies J and X. Probably I should attack those next, since as the deadlines approach, I will be less and less inclined to work on them.

After that, who knows. Maybe if I finish all that stuff, I'll be back under 10 projects again, which I think is (for me) equilibrium.



Blogger kelpkim said...

i think you need to get some more yarn now to replenish your stash! you are going to have almost nothing left after all these are done?! :o)
hope to see you tomorrow!

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