Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Catch Up

Hey, how ya doing? Long time no blog.

Have answered the question of "Y." ("Because!"):

The increasing and decreasing method blocked out very nicely, but in the end wasn't really what I was looking for. Backstitching looks particularly crappy. But a chain stitch 'round the edge looks real nice.

Have figured out Great-Grand-Mum's afghan:

It was, indeed, double-crochet between the stitches in the row below. No chain stitches between.


There's another one of these around here somewhere . . . probably holding the camera. I have to say, I never really liked this pattern. Still don't love it. But WOW I was SO COLD! And Fetching is very, very fast.

And finally, yarn!:

Socks that Rock from Churchmouse, out on Bainbridge Island. Fantastic shop.

You have *no* idea how difficult it was to keep it under the resolved five skeins. I haven't ever seen Socks that Rock, at least not physically, in person. There was this one called "Kryptonite" that I just *had* to have. Only I had to have it slightly less than these other five. Five? Why did I choose five? So hard. But I did it. Nine days in, and I haven't broken the resolution yet.

And when am I ever going to get to knit these? NOW NOW NOW! No. (I am such trouble.) I'm telling myself that if I can finish those handspun socks (my oldest UFO) for Dulaan and one other project (knitter's choice), then I can cast on another pair of socks. Maybe by then, the urge will have passed?

In other news, Aran Knitting hasn't magically showed up. Working on the insurance angle now, although it isn't entirely clear that "theft off the porch, post-delivery" is covered. Am considering buying another copy, but maybe I should make some of those Dulaan Hats first, as a sort of a down-payment on the karma problem . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the chain stitch border thingy. Very nice:) Fetching looks nice, too. I am not real crazy about them, either. Guess I should finish 2nd one anyway, huh?


1:03 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Now that's willpower ... if it were me, I'd have cast on some of the STR, just to make that it works right, ya know. ;-)

5:40 PM  

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