Friday, December 29, 2006

Rules of Acquisition

So . . .

I have been carefully considering this "Knit From Your Stash 2007" thing.

And it just won't work for me.

Not their way, anyway.

Nine months is such an arbitrary measure (unless you are planning some Fibre Festival reward at the end of it, which I'm not) that there's no way I could hold to it.

But there are very good reasons why I should try to do something like this.

There is the major problem of inadequate storage space for the growing stash monster, of course. My home is not going to get any larger, and somehow it seems just plain wrong to rent storage space to house the stash. I suppose I could rent storage space to hold the furniture instead? Getting rid of the bed would create a lot more room for yarn.

There is the even larger problem of inadequate time. I do very much want to make several projects for which I already have the yarn. But newer yarn purchases keep distracting me from them. (Yes, yes, everyone should have such problems . . .) Some of them I am sure will naturally fall by the wayside, but others I think I will actually regret if I don't get around to them.

But 9 months is just too arbitrary.

But there's another measure that I think could work for me: No new yarn purchases (outside of the exceptions below) until I finish the rest of those 66 (approx.) Cloud Hats for the Dulaan Project.

I really want to knit those hats.

But I keep getting distracted.

And while it is possible I could decide to knit them to the exclusion of everything else, completing them in the space of, say, three months . . . Well, that is unlikely. More likely, it will take me those nine months or longer. Because I just won't be able to help working through other categories of lovely, lovely stash -- e.g., all that Noro Kureyon slated for Lizard Ridge. (But if I do finish them in just three months, so be it.)

So I'm gonna try this.

No new yarn until I finish the Dulaan hats. (No new yarn, that is, for at least a month, which is generally how far out my New Year resolutions take me.)

So, here are the rules, my way:

  1. No new yarn purchases outside the exceptions outlined below until the Dulaan Cloud Hats are finished. "Finished" includes all ends woven in and hats washed. (Some of that yarn, I don't know where it's been.)

  2. Gifts of yarn are of course okay. (I really don't think that's going to be a "real" problem.)

  3. Exceptions:

  • Purchases of yarn required to finish projects already being knitted. (E.g., I know I don't have the right yarn to edge Lizard Ridge. When the time comes, I'm allowed to buy that.)

  • Purchases of yarn required to make specific, requested gifts that I will start to knit *immediately.*

  • Purchases of single skeins or sock kits in bricks-and-mortar shops and fibre festivals only (my main weakness is that I regularly buy sweater-quantities of yarn from eBay, Webs, and their ilk), and no more than 5 skeins from any single shop per season. ALL such purchases must be blogged. (That could keep me somewhat in check.)

  • If I make it to Knitting Camp, I can buy whatever yarn I want in whatever quantity the budget will bear. Same rule re blogging as above.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous Sara said...

Good luck! :o)

8:47 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Good luck, chica:)


11:56 AM  
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