Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yet Another Silly Question

So, I've been thinking.

Is there a catalogue or index or whatever out there listing examples of hand-knitted (or crocheted, for that matter) objects in, er, "genre" fiction?

This is for a fermenting idea that may never happen and certainly isn't going to happen any time soon because it would require the purchase of a significant number of skeins of new yarn.

Anyway, I've looked. (Admittedly not too hard.) Didn't find one.

All I've come up with on my own are:

1.) Jayne's Hat
2.) The Doctor's Scarf*
3.) All that Harry Potter Knitting

[UPDATE: Hey, I think Thneeds also count, don't you?]

There has got to be more, but it really isn't coming to mind.

Completely unrelated, the Prime Rib scarf is just about done.

Only now I'm working on hats for Dulaan.

I find my lack of faith disturbing.


*Probably this should go without saying, but for the sake of absolute clarity, here I refer to the real Doctor. Not the pretend one I hang out with.

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