Monday, July 17, 2006

I am Such a Liar

Lying to myself; lying to y'all. . . .

(Where will it end?)

As it turns out, I do not have the yarn for Posy.

I have most of the yarn for Posy.

I am missing my single ball of accent color. This throws a major wrench into my plans. It isn't that it is at all difficult to acquire the yarn. It is that a decision is required. What color to choose??? I am thinking off-white. But I could go with a lighter or a darker blue. Or green. It is only a tiny, tiny bit of accent. But the accent is in the very first rows of ribbing. So it isn't like I can start this one while still putting off the decision.

So Posy is on hold.


On the brighter side of things, I am home again. And the green baby sweater / shirt thing (she of the incessant whining) is done:

This is the Theme Oranger Pullover from Bouton d'Or layette & junior HS n° 14. It is item #4 if you follow the link. (The blue vest I am also working on is item #5.)

The "oranges" in this one are even more subtle than the "butterflies" in this one. That is to say, there are no oranges whatsoever in the garment. (They did go maybe a little overboard with the oranges in items #1-3, so I guess you can't blame them.)

I like this pattern very much. It is very simple stitch pattern, just knit and purl. It has a clever construction, in which the shoulders are not seamed but buttoned. This makes it actually usable with the young people. (I am thinking of doing this with my Baby Norgi.) Also, bonus: you get to finish all the knitting (including the collar) before you do any seaming. I like this a lot. Knitting collars after the seaming is a pet peeve of mine.

However, the seaming itself is a little tricky. To get the shoulder right, you have to overlap the front and back while setting in the sleeve. See (color not accurate):

Since I naturally did not get it right the first time, this was pretty time consuming.

And then -- there are two arms, after all -- you have to do it again.

Finally, the yarn: Jaeger Siena, a 4-ply 100 percent cotton. I have to say, it is very pretty, but Rowan's 4-ply is much softer. Definately easier on the hands. Less shiny. And -- believe it or not -- less expensive. (Gak!)

I guess I wouldn't mind the cost, because I didn't actually use all that much of the yarn (it's a baby sweater). But the Siena is a lot like one of your thicker crochet cottons. So I probably could have done almost exactly the same thing for way less.

So I say unto ye, avoid the Jaeger Siena.

Live and learn.



Blogger Angela said...

Et les directions, est-ce qu'ils sont en englais? I can read a little french, but not that much! If they are in English, I'll have to order some...details, please!


1:57 AM  
Blogger Anonyknits said...

You clearly have more French than I!

I am fairly certain that there is an English language section at the Bouton D'or website.

The version of the pattern "book" (more like a cross between a magazine and a book) I purchased is in English, but it seems likely that there is also a French version. So if you were thinking about buying the book sight unseen, you should probably double check to make sure that what you're ordering is in English.

I would highly recommend this set of patterns. Some of them are a bit over-the-top (although very fun), but most are very wearable. And very well written.

7:24 AM  

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