Friday, July 14, 2006

Contemplating a New Project

I represent to you that I am down to under 10 real works-in-progress.

I don't count that blue sweater for the Male-Who-Shall-Go-Unnamed, since it hasn't even been designed, much less cast on. I also am not counting the non-knitting projects. Or knitting projects that I have either forgotten or have a firm intention to never finish. There are more than a few of those.

As far as I can recall, the real WIPs are:

1.) That green baby shirt / sweater thing (needs seaming and buttons);
2.) Its blue baby vest companion (needs seaming and collar);
3.) That blue almost-Prairie Blanket I started when avoiding #1 and #2 (amazing what you can accomplish in just an hour);
4.) Those sort-of Conwy Flame socks that I've been mostly ignoring since I was in Greece;
5.) Some handspun (badly handspun, for the record) socks that are probably Dulaan-bound, if I ever get interested in them again;
6.) A pair of extremely dull wool socks (dark grey with stripes) for the Doctor, which were supposed to be done in January, but which now have no urgency attached as he only wanted to wear them in winter; and
7.) An extremely sad Baby Norgi (needs steeks sewn and everything that follows*).

So I really think I need a new project. But what?

I have been thinking about "Posy" from Rowan 35 since I first discovered Rowan Magazine (only about a year ago, when I kept hearing so much about Birch).

I have the yarn, so Posy is probably next.

Swatch, to prove I'm serious:

I will say at the outset that I am not at all confident that this pattern won't lead me astray. The swatch was very mean to me. Had to rip and restart it 3 or 4 times. Because on Row 5, the pattern tells you to increase 1 on each edge (for shaping). But the pattern doesn't do anything to acknowledge that you have added these stitches when you get to Row 7, the next patterned row. (It sort of explains what's going on later in the pattern, but not in so many words.) So everything goes all wonky at Row 7 and beyond, because everything keeps getting shifted over a stitch. Not fun.

But I think it will be very nice in the end, assuming I can figure out how to modify the garment shaping to fit my not-quite-standard body. (Possibly a big assumption.)

* * *

*I do not fear the steeks. I just haven't bothered looking for the sewing machine. That and clearing enough of the mess off of the table to actually have a place to use it. So much effort. I keep wondering whether I can crochet the steeks (which is what I've done before, albeit not with this style of sweater) or even hand-sew them. But then I tell myself I should do it as Wendy advises, if only to see if I like using the machine better. Then I give up on it again. It has literally been sitting on my couch in a plastic baggie for the last six months, to be thought of every day. Nag, nag, nag . . .

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Blogger Angela said...

The swatch is gorgeous and wonderful knitting, even if you did have to frog several times. I've often heard lace patterns are like this 'til you figure out the pattern, then it flows nicely enough. Good luck! Just love your blog!


12:34 PM  

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