Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dude! There *Are* Comments!

So, all this time, I've been wondering, "Gee, where's the love? There are no comments . . . Everyone else's blog, however humble, has comments. At the very least, the Doctor might have commented."

And I concluded that either:
a.) No one (other than me) was reading the blog, or
b.) I had the most shy group of visitors in the entire blogosphere.

I was thinking I would have to heavily promote the next annual "de-lurking" day.

Then, Kelly from the Mason-Dixon KAL mentioned (in comments at the KAL) that she had been unable to comment here.

So, I thought, "Oh, maybe it's me!" And I tried to fix it, and I thought I had succeeded, but still no comments appeared. So I was back to my earlier conclusion.

But, um, it is me.

This morning, I accidentally clicked on that "Moderate comments" link in Blogger.

And there they were, all of them, trapped in limbo.

Now, they are free.


And I apologize to you all.


And so now, a few belated answers:

To Babette: I think I used the equivalent of US 5 needles for the Mason-Dixon handtowel. (In any event, I used what was recommended.) But I felt like I was knitting pretty tightly, and I used plastic needles (which enabled me to knit even more tightly). So US 4 might do you. I know that some people have complained about the holey-ness of the handtowels, but I don't mind it. It isn't as if you could accidentally poke your finger through them or anything. And I think that if you tried to eliminate the holes, you'd probably also end up eliminating the drape.

To Angela: I am enjoying the blogging very much. Thank you.

To Anonymous Gillian: If you're still out there, yes, indeed, I still have the neon vomit. It is BamBoo (100% bamboo) by Classic Elite. It is really, really nice. Except for, you know, the color. You are welcome to it. It is free. Totally and completely free. Gratis. I would pay you to take this stuff off my hands. (I really hope you are serious about this and aren't just toying with my emotions.) But I do understand the desire to keep your email private -- if it got out that you're willing to take yarn mistakes off people's hands, the spam would never end. Anyway, if you are serious, email me your direction at: anonyknits AT yahoo DOT com.


Blogger kelpkim said...

i'm very glad you mentioned this because i too have made the same mistake and i went quickly to my blog (kim-chi-crafts) and undid the limbo of "moderating comments." thanks for the info!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Starfish said...

It took me so long to get the hang of blogger! Glad you figured it out. (and now you have another reader!)

1:50 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

So knit him a sweater, a 3 inch doll sweater, but a sweater it will be...He didn't specify that it fit him, did he? (I so would do this...and give him a nice mohair tobogin).


8:57 PM  

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