Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A is for Apple (Hat)

I'm interested in trying a couple of the different fruit hat patterns out there. The first is this Apple Hat. Turned out pretty well, although next time I might make it a little longer before decreasing. Much simpler pattern than one might imagine, looking at the end-product. I'm not sure I like the garter stitch leaves, but I also don't have any real idea what I would like better.

What I'm sure I like (love, really) is the Tahki Cotton Classic yarn I used for it. I've avoided this yarn in the past because it looked so, well, ropey. And a bit shiny. It didn't look like it would have any give at all. But (for cotton) it is actually pretty elastic. Sproingy. I'd use this yarn any day. (Probably will use it again shortly, as I have my eye on a watermelon baby hat next.)

In other news:

Can't claim the knitting is all done. There is a ribbed edge to be added on the v-neck. (And some crochet around the armholes, too. That doesn't really count, does it -- it's NOT KNITTING.) But the fact is that I've done all the knitting I can until the seaming is done.

So I'm basically done, except for the seaming.



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