Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Have Watermelon Issues

I present the Watermelon Hat, based on this pattern. Cute.

Until you look inside:


Before embarking on this project, I also read the Yarn Harlot's pattern (scroll down a bit). The Harlot has you duplicate stitch on the seeds. Which does absolutely make more sense than stranding. But there's a pattern that says to strand, so it must be okay. And the stranded option would be way faster. (And some evil voice in my head whispered that duplicate stitch is for sissies.)

Doubt not the Harlot. For she is wise.

I convinced myself that the floats (although admittedly a little long) would be okay, because after all it is going on the baby's head, and therefore the floats are less likely to get little fingers tangled up in them. Good theory. But even if the fingers are safe (doubtful, really), the little ears most certainly are not.

So I really can't send this off in its present condition. The guilt would drive me to I don't know what.

I also don't want to frog it. (Who would?)

No worries.

I have a plan.

And it doesn't involve gymnastics.

Not literally, anyway.



Blogger rachface said...

Aww your hats are too stinkin cute. You've inspired me to enrich my life by creating fruit shaped knittery for small heads.

8:49 PM  

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