Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Blue Mohair Blues

It was a little daunting that that first Cloud Hat made no impression at all on that first ball of mohair. I thought I should find out what I was really up against. That is, just how many of these things would I need to knit in order to fully repair my mohair purchasing error?

So I knit and knit and knit and knit to determine how many Cloud Hats were in one of these balls.

The answer is 4.

I've already shown you the first one. Here are the other three (Dulaan 2007: Items 3-5*):

With four hats in each ball of mohair, with 15 balls of mohair to go, that comes to . . .

60 more hats???

Don't think I can do that.

(I thought that knowing the actual number of potential hats would be helpful somehow . . . but, somehow, it just isn't.)

Plus, it isn't as if I actually used that entire ball of mohair down to the last inch. There's still some left:

Which means there's probably two more hats hiding in the remainders of the 16 balls.

Um. Bonus?

*Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to take advantage of Ryan's news that F.I.R.E. is still accepting stragglers. These guys need a good washing before they're sent off, and there is no real chance that I'll get around to that in time. (Maybe I should make all 66 hats, and then wash them all in one go? That would make for an impressive blog entry . . . )

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Blogger kelpkim said...

i'm very impressed by the output of this yarn...actually it's scary. it is scary enough so that i will seriously reconsider any online yarn purchase i may or may never again make in the future!
oh intrepid one, knit on!

10:22 PM  

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