Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trivial Dilemma


I really intended to blog about that lemon hat yesterday. (After the fanfare, you really are going to be disappointed.) But every otherwise free moment has been spent, I am sad to say, sleeping. What a waste. I think I have not knit more than 4 rows in the past 5 days. I may be having an identity crisis. (A little ironic, given the anonymity.) Or it could be withdrawal.

So it comes to this: I am excited about the hat. But today is Wednesday. And I have been trying to do this whole "Wednesday is Dulaan Day" thing. It would be a shame to drop that ball only three weeks in. (Yes, anal. No comments on that subject, please . . . .)

So, I will be strong.

Instead of a lemon hat, you get Dulaan 2007 Item #6 (a.k.a. Cloud Hat 5 of 66):

I suppose I should admit that the multi-colored mohair may not be quite as awful as I feared.

But I'm not going to.

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