Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mason-Dixon Overload

I don't know if you'd believe the (former) size of my Mason-Dixon ABFO pile. But here's some great progress.

1.) Ballband Dishcloth, all-but-finished weeks ago. Ends finally woven in:

(Addictive little suckers.)

2.) Baby Genius Burp Cloth, all-but-finished weeks ago. More ends woven in:

(Why am I always trying to put the purple with the green? This photo looks way better than real life.)

3.) Moss Grid Hand Towel, all-but-finished weeks ago ("all-but-finished weeks ago" may be my new mantra). Ends woven in and lightly pressed:

(The softness test will have to wait until the Sears guy comes to fix the washer.)

4.) Denim Baby Bib o' Love and Baby Genius Burp Cloth, all-but-finished weeks ago. Ends woven in and button applied:

(The shrinking of the denim is waiting on that same Sears guy.)

5.) But I think all this Mason-Dixoning is going on hiatus. (At least until my mountain of denim arrives. Ooooooo.) I acquired a very nice pile of mostly Rowan Harris a.k.a. Scottish Tweed with the intention of making the Flying Geese blanket. I wasn't perfectly happy with the colors I found, but after trudging from yarn shop to yarn shop, I gave up on finding the colors from the book. (Anyone ever find any of that "moss" color? After insisting it must exist at no less than three yarn stores . . . let's just say I am now thoroughly familiar with that look -- the look they give you when they're too somethinged to just tell you you are insane. So familiar that I fear it no longer. I embrace it, as I embrace the insanity itself.) So I was gonna make do.

But as it turns out, I detest this yarn in garter stitch. Just too clunky:

Maybe it is the gauge I'm not liking, but I am not going to bother figuring it out. Because even if I got that solved, I'm still stuck with the fact that I'm not loving the color combination. I still love the pattern, but I'm going to wait until the right yarn comes along (i.e., probably not ever going to make this one).

So these babies are going into the stash to ferment:


You can't have them.

Even if you did know where I live, they're well guarded:

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Blogger Kelly said...

The denim set on the Mason Dixon KAL looks fabulous -- as does the rest of your stuff (except for maybe that technicolor thing). What kind of plans do you have for the impending mountain of denim? Kelly

5:45 PM  
Blogger babette said...

beautiuful work!!
What size did you use for the MD handtowel. I have just started mine with the Euroflax on size 5's and I am debating going down to a 4 even though I usually am always on gauge with the sugessted size....

7:56 PM  
Blogger kelpkim said...

Hellooo! I think i should have followed your lead and blogged anonymously as well but since i have already started my blog non-anonymously (kim-chi crafts) i just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures! especially of the black kitty. i am going to attempt to post a picture on my blog right now. i think that will spice it up...
we'll see what happens. and i love the MDK book as well--it's really just such a great book and so practical while satisfying the creative urge as well...
sincerely, your fellow knitter.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

LOL! Love the attack cat! I have one of those too, only mine likes to eat the yarn. Also, your work is gorgeous. How are you liking the blogging?

11:09 PM  

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