Saturday, June 24, 2006

Anyone Want Some Neon Vomit?

This one is just a tragedy. I'm going to have to let go.

Someone -- let's call him "the Doctor" -- witnessed me knitting this sterling example of hideosity. Perhaps wisely, he elected to make no comment. Until I informed him that yes, I did know that the color was just awful (don't think that even over-dyeing it would help, with that green in there), but I was going to knit it anyway, because it was sort of fun. And maybe if I ended up with something otherwise wearable, I could make another one in a real color, and call this one a prototype rather than a failure.

But, the truth of his reply can not be denied: it really does look like neon vomit. Just as if some kid ate way too much rainbow sherbert and then rode the rollercoaster. Yummy. (Photos do not do it justice.)

I have eight skeins of this stuff. Anyone want some?

In somewhat better news, I think I've figured out how to take an in-focus close-up:


Blogger knitncycle said...

Oh my, I've had a few of those before. Maybe you could use the yarn to make socks? Okay, I wouldn't recommend that you wear them out of the house but at least the yarn wouldn't go to waste. Lovely bibs from MDK by the way!

2:45 PM  

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