Thursday, December 28, 2006

Anonymom Wants To Know

Crocheted afghans, made by my great-grandmother (Mom's Dad's Mom):

I am trying to figure out the pattern for Mum, but I think I'm missing something. (I know a bit about crochet, but not a whole lot.) She's interested in learning to make some herself -- they're the "only kind of afghan she likes." (I think that may be a slight exaggeration. I think what she means by this is that she doesn't like granny squares.)

Anyway, when I looked at them, I was confident that they were panels of double-crochet, chain one, repeated, with the double crochet done not in the top of the stitch below but in the hole (eyelet?) formed by the chain stitch in the previous row.

But I've swatched that, and the holes (eyelets?) just seem way too big. Could it just be that the gauge of yarn is too small? I think the yarn in the original is something between sock yarn and worsted (probably sport, but I guess it could be dk). I did the swatch in sock yarn, because that's what I had to hand.

I'm wondering whether instead of a double-crochet / chain stitch pattern, maybe this is just double-crochets, with the stitch worked in between two previous stitches? In my swatch, that seemed closer to the original, but now the holes were too small.

Can any of the crochet goddesses out there identify this stitch pattern for us?


Anonymous Cookie said...

That's what it looks like to me.

Double crochet onto the one underneath. Rather than crocheting into the loopy bit, it looks like she crocheted over that whole area. Kinda cool, I think. Good luck!

6:59 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Why not swatch a bit as to what it looks like. I agree, with you and cookie, by the way. See if you can make a swatch that looks like that. They also could be treble crochets done as front post or back post. Most crochet mags (and even some knitting ones) have instructions for this technique. Good luck!


8:13 PM  
Anonymous Yvonne in Southwest Virginia said...

I made an afghan like this for a friend a couple of years ago and hunted up the directions. Mine say:

*DC in next 5 sts., [long dc through 2 rows below, dc in next 4 dc] across, etc.*

It's worked in 4 ply worsted with a size H hook and is worked lengthwise.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Yvonne again said...

...and you don't work the long dc into the loop of the dc two rows down. You work it into the space BETWEEN two of the dcs on the two-below row...

Feel free to email if I haven't been clear enough. lol

5:36 AM  

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