Monday, September 25, 2006

The Face of the Earth


Am dropping off it. But only for a week.


Work stuff. Crunch time. You know what they say: "Work hard, knit hard."

(It's my new mantra!)

Or they say something like that, anyway. . . . I know it is "Work hard," . . . something else . . . "hard." (It had better not be "Work hard, work hard." Sometimes I wonder.)


Even if I have not got it exactly right, this is still probably a better motto than the only other one I am seriously contemplating for this week. ("Work hard, drink hard." It does have its own special allure.)

I will return with tales of knitting and ill-advised yarn purchases very, very soon.

Anony K.


Blogger Starfish said...

I think it's "Play Hard". Have fun. It's almost Budget time here, so I'll be doing the same thing.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Don't's 'Work hard, play hard.' On the other hand, I think the 'play' part includes/alludes to drinking and partying.


1:47 AM  

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