Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Still Believe

I still believe.

I still believe in the Mythical Beast.

Unicorns? Well, okay, maybe I don't believe in those so much. (Not magic ones, anyway.)

Fairies? Right. Don't know about fairies in general, but I have irrefutable proof that the Tooth Fairy at least exists. My grandfather had a close personal relationship with the woman and told me all about it.

The Monster Under The Bed? Seriously. You don't believe? Oh, you say that now. When it isn't dark at all and you're nowhere near the bed . . .

Bigfoot? Absolutely.

Nessie? Ummmmm . . . Sure. For the sake of argument. (Whatever.)

The No-Sew Mitered Square Blanket? I've got this theory. Multiple theories. (I am not crazy.)

I was excited -- but I have to admit also a little discouraged -- by the results of Kay's Epic Quest. Her solution is a definite improvement.

And it isn't that I mind a some sewing. (Okay. I do.) Sewing the cast-on edges together isn't so bad. But the bits that I particularly hate to sew are those other edges. You know the ones. The ones I still have to sew together if I use Kay's admittedly really neat trick. They're the real trouble.

So, what I need is a low-sew mitered square blanket in which the other edges magically need no sewing. If I have to sew something, I'll sew those cast-on edges.

But what I really, really want is no sewing at all.

I've been tracking the Beast ever since Kay told us those wild tales of its existence.

Haven't found it yet.

But I still believe.

Don't laugh.

The No-Sew Mitered Square Blanket is real.

I have proof!


The knitting blog equivalent of an out-of-focus, jiggly video capturing the image of something I'm sure you think is a bear. Or maybe a dishrag.

Don't laugh, or the No-Sew Mitered Square Blanket will get you.


Blogger kelpkim said...

Love the blurry photo. :o)
yes...the low-sew mitered square blanket...i still believe too...
that is the main reason why i still hope to make a mitered square blanket one day...just not right now. it's not the right time...more research needs to be done before i can pursue this ever elusive blanket...and nessie? i still believe. :o)

3:18 PM  
Blogger Rosemary said...

Oh, yes, it does exist! Maybe not a no-sew, but a drastically reduced sew, YES! See my blog - towards the bottom - a rainbow baby blanket? If you can see the "crosses" - these are all no-sew, I provisionally cast on the backbone of the crosses, then after the square was completed, I picked up the provisional cast on. BUT - where the stripes go across... I firmly believe that one can knit back and forth across all four, leaving only one tiny bit to sew. (like intarsia?) Then, when assembling, place these tiny seams so that you sew across one, and right into the other one. This would drastically reduce the sewing, yes? I haven't gotten around to it... yet.... but I feel like it would work! (It'd be a complete bear to keep up with all of the different colors, but I'd rather do that than SEW!)

7:37 AM  
Blogger Anonyknits said...

Have tried the intarsia (which you can actually do in the round, and have absolutely no sewing), but it turns into an absolute mess with so many balls of yarn going at one time.

That may be the best thing. But I have another idea I'm working on, too.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Rosemary said...

Keep me posted, because I'm dying to know, too!

6:19 AM  
Anonymous GNV said...

See if you can get hold the the book Dazzling Knits by Werner. I'm not certain if it will solve the problem but she does a huge amount of these mitred squares without sewing many seams. I was fascinated by her patterns & colors but haven't tried to put it into practice.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Let me know if you figure this out...I would be very, very interested.

3:57 PM  
Blogger rachface said...

Clearly that photo is of a bear holding a shark.

2:24 AM  

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