Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well, That's It, Then

The Resolution? Kaplooey!

As you well know, I haven't really been working on those Dulaan hats.

But I keep plodding along with the other knitting. (I think I'm finally down to 10 ongoing projects, although I won't swear to it.)

And I got to thinking, "Gee, whenever I *do* finish Posy, I'll want to start a new sweater for me."

And although I have *plenty* of yarn for about a billion (okay, okay, 30. yes, seriously, 30) sweaters already in the stash . . .

Well, the sweater that I really want for myself right now (and have wanted for a good two months, so I figure the love is real) isn't something for which I have stash. (Probably because the yarn, she is not cheap.)

And I've held off and held off and held off on ordering the yarn, you know, because a.) not cheap, and b.) I'm supposed to finish those Dulaan hats first.

But still I don't knit the hats!

I give up!

I ordered the yarn.

(And then, floodgates open, I ordered other yarn that I've been thinking about forever, too. Kureyon 170 . . . delicious!)

This time around, I just not feeling the resolution. (Probably because I'm working hard on that new "will you just *try* exercising, damn it!" resolution.) So it really is over.

But I'm going to see how much headway I can make on those hats before the new yarn arrives.

Certainly, I won't be done with them.

Unless my bad karma strikes again and the yarn is stolen? (*WHY* did this not occur to me before I ordered it?)

Think I can refrain from casting the new stuff on until the hats are done?



In other news, those Hokusai socks are almost done. I rushed through them because I was afraid I would run out of yarn (same yardage as Socks That Rock), and I wanted to buy that last skein at the LYS if I needed it. But if I didn't need it . . . well, this yarn too is not cheap. So they're all done except for the kitchenering and the ends . . .

And LO! I'm sick of them. Back to the project pile with you!!!

In *other* other news, its probably time for you to meet the cotton garter squares baby blanket.

This is an off-and-on project started last fall during all the crazy. Now it only needs sewing together and borders. And ends woven in. So it might be a while yet.

Guess how many "ongoing projects" I have in the hopper that only need finishing details and their ends woven in?


(Unless I've forgotten something, which seems likely.)



Blogger Cookie said...

Only three?! /shocked

Did that help any? ;^) Kitchener those toes! Then they'll be done and you'll be free.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous angelarae said...

The socks are very pretty. Glad you had enough yarn to finish. As far as losing your yarn, I don't think karma has a thing to do with it. So, buy away. I do have to say, I have learned a valuable lesson, knitting from my stash, only. I really do have some nice yarn. I can use what I have to make something I need, ie) the yards and yards of dishcloth cotton I had stashed away. Some nice colors, too. My mom likes those MD warsh rags.


9:32 PM  

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