Monday, April 30, 2007

More Hats, Plus . . .

Six more hats . . . I think that brings us to twenty hats done? So maybe 1/3 of the way? I'm really not sure anymore -- although I once estimated that I had 66-hats-worth of the mohair, I've lost some to waste, fraud, abuse and experimentation.

Individually, these go very quickly. Like a little knitting snack. Maybe two hours per? I think probably less.

But on the whole . . . Well, I'm considering joining the Slogalong. For moral support.

For the green hats, I've used Cascade 220 Superwash. The yellow and red are in Lamb's Pride. I think that the Lamb's Pride will ultimately be warmer, but it has less yardage per skein, so there's always a danger of running out before the second hat is finished.

And here's the plus:



Haaaaa! Take THAT, Japanese Lessons!!! (I should probably admit that I made no progress with the Japanese the entire weekend. The Japanese and the fancy knitting really do seem to be mutually exclusive.)

I'm still a little worried that I'll have a Freya Redux.

I'm pretty sure that I knit the right size this time. (Or at least chose the correct size to knit.)

But knitting Posy requires that you have a very special relationship with your tension. She is lace, so it is a little difficult to re-check your tension whilst knitting.

I did do a swatch, all those months ago, which was absolutely perfect.

And Posy's back looks to be just right.

But over time, I must have knit tighter and tighter, because the front is simply not as wide as the back.

Again, Lace. So there's perhaps more forgiveness in it than there otherwise would be.

But still . . .

If it doesn't fit me right, it will probably fit Mom perfectly.


I suppose blue is her favorite color . . .


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Blogger Cookie said...

Yarn fraud? I'm all curious now.

The little knitting snacks? That's how I'm seeing the tiny socks. I really should have joined the 52 sock along. *L*

I hope the front looks better once you've put it together. If not... well, mother's day is coming. ;^)

9:43 PM  
Anonymous angelarae said...

Posy looks like it's coming along very nicely. I hope it fits. I'd like to knit a pattern like that in a shawl. Maybe an aran weight yarn. I think that would be pretty. Wish I could help with the Japanese. The closest I've come is watching "Memoirs Of A Geisha" three times.(great movie) Good job on the hats. Lambs Pride is one of my favorite yarns. So Fuzzy.


12:04 AM  

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