Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Must Have Been Wearing a Sports Bra

Freya is dry! Huzzah!

Only a few snagged stitches (courtesy of the cats*, who several times defeated the shield o' towels), all easily fixed. Huzzah!

I think she can be ready for the party on Saturday! Huzzah!

I'm afraid she may be too small! Baroo?


I won't be completely sure until I'm done with the seaming, button bands, etc.

But at some point between the pre-knitting measuring and now, I seem to have grown significantly in the bust.


I suppose for most ladies this would not be viewed as a problem, but for the greedy-knitter-of-sweaters-for-oneself . . .


I can't think how this happened. The only thing that comes to mind as a possibility is that perhaps I might have been seriously not thinking when I took my measurements and, as the title says, been wearing a sports bra.

So Freya will definitely have less ease than planned for. (Or, rather, I will have more bust.) Hopefully there will still be enough. (Ease, not bust. I got plenty of bust.) Won't know that until I try it on.

The sunny side of things is that, if it doesn't fit me, I have about a billion female relatives who are -- each and every one of them -- smaller than me.

So if Freya doesn't look fabulous on me, probably it will look fabulous on one of them.

Frankly, even if Freya does look fabulous on me, it will probably look even better on them -- each and every one of them.

They are all -- each and every one of them -- WAY better looking than me.

I must be a changeling.

But enough of that.

Anyway, I'm seeing nearly all of them on Saturday, so one way or another, Freya will have a home.

But what have I been working on in the meantime?

Another Baby Surprise Jacket (surprise!), this one for the Strategic Baby Handknits Reserves.

Rowan Felted Tweed in Pine and Herb. It still needs seams, but I'm going to wait on the buttons, probably until there's a baby for it.

*Now that's karma for you. (Or for me, rather.) Classic example of entirely appropriate cause-and-effect. I neglect to trim their claws because I am "too busy" knitting Freya. Freya gets snagged. I have no one but myself to blame.

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Blogger Angela said...

Lovely baby surprise...must try. Re: the Freya and size of same, could it become one of those cardigans w/out buttons that therefore does not have to close in the front? I was just wondering....


8:10 PM  
Blogger Angela said...'re it! See my blog for details!


1:04 AM  

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