Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some People Are Just Evil

Take, Dave, for example.

He's evil.

Just a little bit.

Dave is the sort of person who looks at your shaky resolve to finish at least one of the current projects (for example, that second sock that only needs a toe) before starting something new.

He looks at that resolve.

And he says to himself (or perhaps to one of his many minions), "Hrmmmm . . . maybe I can push this one over the edge."

(I imagine him rubbing his hands together at this point, eyes narrowed in focus on his nefarious plan. But you could imagine him laughing maniacally if you prefer.)

And then he does it.

He goes and leaves a comment on your blog.

Like this one.

"I say go for it."


Dave! Look upon what you have wrought!


In a good way.

It is awfully fun, after all.

Maybe I'll finish that sock this weekend . . .

(Awesome dishcloths, by the way.)



Blogger Dave said...


I see my job is done here. I'm off to find someone else to torment :-)

Looks good!

6:53 PM  

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