Tuesday, September 05, 2006


As it turns out, I like knitting better than blogging.

And so given limited free time, I knit rather than blog.

I have extremely limited free time for the next while.

But I do like blogging.

So I have a proposition for you.

I will continue knitting. ("Doi," as the kids say. Or is it "Doy?")

I will continue blogging.

But I won't be including nearly as many pesky words in my blog entries, at least not for the next while.

And although I will continue working away on Dulaan 2007, I will not be slavish about blogging about it on Wednesdays and only on Wednesdays.

In this new spirit:

I want to start this:

(Zippered, hooded baby sweater by Dale of Norway.)

But I still have this:

(That mythical Baby Norgi I keep talking about, going to Dulaan 2007. Won't divert it to the Strategic Baby Knits Reserves for three reasons: 1.) Dry clean only alpaca / merino yarn. 2.) Colorwork (my first) puckers more than a bit. 3.) Am not utterly convinced that the neck measurements are big enough, and don't want to give a baby I know an ill-fitting sweater. (It is a bit of a dilemma. Because I also feel badly about giving a young'un I don't know a potentially ill-fitting sweater. But I'm not utterly convinced it won't fit, either. And given that, Dulaan 2007 seems a better idea than tossing the thing.) )

I think there is some rule about not having more than one outstanding steek-sweater to cut.

But I still don't want to drag out that dang sewing machine. So, by hand it will be.

Patience, grasshopper.

(Did I say fewer words? Damn.)



Blogger Angela said...

Love the Baby Norgi. Beautiful knitting:) Hope you'll continue to knit and blog as often as possible.


10:54 PM  

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