Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mission Accomplished?

In my quest to reduce the number of projects I've got going on, I finished my second-to-oldest project over the weekend. (The oldest being the Baby Norgi . . . incredibly patient, that little guy.)

Socks for the Doctor.

You'll probably notice that the proportions of these socks seem a little off. This is because these are "oversocks." The Doctor and I might have made that word up. Anyway, they're socks meant to be worn over other socks for warmth in the winter. So being roomy was more important than length in the cuff.

Other details: Toe up, "figure eight" cast-on.

Stockinette foot and heel, with three-by-one ribbed cuff, over 72 stitches except for the last inch or so, where I added another pattern repeat to further prevent constriction:

Made from Regia Strato purchased on sale from here (currently available in some colours here -- excellent price!). Can't say which colourway as I tossed the ball band ages ago.

Knit simultaneously on two circulars (Addi Turbos in what they call size "1," although I'm not too certain what sizing system that refers to), except for the heels, which were "afterthought" heels using magic loop. Really don't see myself doing either the two circulars or the afterthought heels ever again.

So, that's two pairs of socks finished in recent days.


If I were strong, I would leave it at that and move on to finishing something else. But knitters need their rewards. And there isn't really any harm in starting a new pair, since that would still be fewer work-in-progress than before. So:

But I neglected to bring that one home with me yesterday. So . . .

What is wrong with me?

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Blogger Dave said...

LOL! Nothing is wrong with you. I think whatever you've got, most other knitters have it too, myself included. I have three socks ready for the heels, and I was fighting not to cast on a new one. I lost that battle :-)

5:13 PM  
Blogger Starfish said...

It's a pathetic addiction, I know. And over socks! I can't imagine wearing socks to bed...to hot ugh!

8:06 PM  

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