Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Let's Call It Dulaan 2007

A box of items for Dulaan 2006 is on its way to F.I.R.E.:

But sadly, the straggler to the side only had its ends woven in this morning, and is in desperate need of blocking (blocking now). So I'm calling it an early start on 2007. Sounds so much better than the alternative, yes?

Debbie Bliss, merino aran in sage and off-white, 2 balls of each color. Garter stitch in lengthwise stripes, with two strands of each color. I had the idea that maybe one need not limit oneself to knitting "back" after one has knit "forth." One could knit "forth" a few times, then "back" a few times. The only thing preventing this is that once one finishes a row "forth", one's yarn is way over on the other side of one's knitting, and the only way to get it back (short of cutting it) is to knit "back" again. But if one is using more than one strand, then chances are that one still has yarn in the proper place to knit "forth" a second time. (Or a third or fourth time, for that matter.) And one might be able to get an effect one couldn't otherwise.

Side One:

Side Two:

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