Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthdays Coming Soon

I think I told you, but maybe I didn't, that a lot of the knitting from last summer went to one Baby J, who was newly minted in early October of last year.

Which means that the one-year babiversary is coming quick, and J's parents have decided to have a celebration. Which means gifts.

Long ago I started a patchworky blanket of cotton garter squares (Rowan handknit cotton dk -- someone was getting rid of their collection on eBay some two years ago) for J.

It is finally done, but I'm ambivalent.

A quarter of the time I think it is really cute. And the rest of the time it seems just *awful.* Too much orange, not enough blue, shouldn't have made multicolor blocks, shouldn't have sewn it up with whipstitch, shouldn't have seamed with contrasting colours, &tc.

But here it is:

Because of the ambivalence, I've started something else for J:

A Dale of Norway cardigan from the No. 8101 reissue "Favorite Baby Designs." (Also including Rutelilje, as seen on the Yarn Harlot!) There are at least three designs I'm itching to make in this booklet. (No, I haven't finished the hoodie yet. I was concentrating on that (one sleeve half done!) before I realized J's day was coming up and the hoodie would be *way* too small in the 9 month size I am making.)

With any luck, it will be done in plenty of time. (Then, need to see about something for Mum -- her day is also rapidly approaching.)

Ever notice how lovely the sunset can be when viewed through fair-isle coloured glasses?



Anonymous angelarae said...

I love those photo's of the light shining through fair isles. Nice. Also, the blanket looks good to me but if you aren't happy with it, I wouldn't give it away. That's just me though.


12:49 AM  
Blogger organicpatchwork said...

I love that blanket, it's very masculine and rustic.
(PS found you through Pinterest and I'm loving all your ideas!)

1:03 AM  

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